Nike Sandals

Nike Comfort Thong

Sandal weather is upon us.  Which means it's time for me to purchase my default shoe for summer.  You know...the flip-flop you wear around the house, out to the mailbox, out for get the idea.  My favorite is this Nike Comfort Thong ($28).  Sporty, but casual.  Bright colors for summer.  And UNBELIEVABLY comfortable.  Money well spent.

Mommy Hook

Mommy Hook

Full hands, meet your match.  The Mommy Hook ($7) is a pretty simple clip, but it's designed specifically to fit the handles of strollers, grocery carts, etc.  It's made from sturdy aluminum, so it won't give out on you.  I love being able to clip my diaper bag to my shopping cart, and then using the same clip to get all my groceries with one hand and keep my baby on my hip.

Backseat Organizer

Backseat Organizer

The expression "my car is my purse" has never been more true since having kids.  Thank goodness for this Backseat Organizer ($13) to provide a little sanity to my situation.  It hooks onto the back of the front seats, giving my kiddos easy access to all their stuff.  It's got nice, deep pockets, so Cheerios aren't spilling all over the place.  I make my kids put everything away before we get out of the car, and that simple act does wonders for my backseat.

Nipple Cream

Nipple Cream

Nursing can be rough, especially for new moms.  Before my first baby, my best friend gave me this Nipple Cream ($10) from Motherlove.  Talk about a godsend.  It's way less sticky than lanolin, so it wasn't uncomfortable under my clothes.  And man, oh man, it brought relief and moisturizing.  Plus, it's got all-natural ingredients, so it was totally safe for my little guy.  I now give this to all my friends who are expecting.  Pay it forward, right?

Utensil Clip

Utensil Clip

I love making soup.  I hate cleaning up after making soup.  Tons of tiny drops all over my stove top and counter.  This Utensil Clip ($12) from Williams-Sonoma is a game changer, though.  Clip to the side of your pot, and let your soup drip right where it belongs.  It's got a silicone grip, so you don't have to worry about losing your whisk to the soupy abyss below.  And the best part?  It's a two-pack.  Definitely worth it.


F-Lite 219 Cross-trainer

It's called a "no-drop" shoe - one so light and flexible that as you're cross-training and running (especially off-road!) - it hardly seems to be there. The F-Lite 219 Cross-trainer ($98) is a fab model, both in its looks and in its works. 

Rain rain app

Rain, Rain

I first discovered this Rain, Rain ($0) app while visiting family in their eerily quiet house.  Little Man could not sleep.  But I found this guy, and never looked back.  It's a noise machine that goes where ever you go.  And there a lot of different noises to choose from, so whether you're used to the sound of the dishwasher or falling rain, you will be out in no time.


Barking Key Finder

While we have a basket that is meant to be the catchall for our keys, wallets, etc. we’ve had more moments than we can count where we’re headed out the door and “where are my keys?!?!” I’m thinking we need a Barking Key Finder ($15) for each set of keys in our house (and maybe for my master hide-and-seeker 2-year-old).


Exercise Sport Wrap

I am counting down the days until I can work out again after having my last baby and this Exercise Sport Wrap ($13) is top on my list of things to buy. Whoever says that you can't look great while breaking a sweat clearly never saw these sport wraps from Isla Grace and Co.!


Go Clean Beach Set

Flight 001 products have spread like wildflowers. Their Go Clean Beach Set ($66) combats the traveler's common enemy: sand! Three spirited bags to keep wet things wet, dry things dry, and smelly things smelly.  Oh and to keep me dreaming of that exotic trip I'll take one day.


British Bouquet Rug

How sweet is the British Bouquet Rug ($144) by Caitlin Wilson Textiles? Those bright and colorful and splashes - atop such beautiful white - makes this piece is an easy one to place anywhere in the home. I'll take one in every size, please. 


Crochet Heart Love Blanket

I know how to crochet scarves and bows and that's about it, so when I see something like this Crochet Heart Love Blanket ($58), I am sucked in by its beauty! Hand crocheted, this blanket would be the perfect finishing touch to a child's room or your family room. Nothing beats a handmade blanket to cuddle up in! 


Antler Ring

Antlers are all the rage these days – on your walls, sweaters and now on your fingers. This Antler Ring ($52) is perfectly simple and totally on-trend this season. Your fingers will never have felt so stylish or looked so good. 

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Clinique Moisture Surge

From the lauded magazine ELLE, comes the annual beauty awards. In 2013, Clinique Moisture Surge ($37) topped the charts as the best moisturizer. Without clogging pores or causing breakouts, this wonder cream packs an intense 24 blast of moisture.



This card game is king in my house.  Skip-Bo ($10) is a sequencing game, like spit, and the first to deplete their pile wins.  What I love about it is it's adaptability, though.  You can play individually or in teams.  You can have 20 cards to get rid of, or 5.  And speed isn't a huge deal, so young kids can participate and learn how to play.  I love when I get to be the boss of my game.  No Monopoly in around here, that's for sure.