Shops You Should Know: Bebecha


I bought my little guy a bow tie and suspenders set from Bebecha last year and I have been obsessed with this shop ever since! Rachel is the creative owner and her designs and combinations are sure to make you and your little ones happy! Plus, I noticed in one of the pictures below, that the suspenders look just as darling on a little girl! Win, Win! So if you are planning a wedding and need something for your ring bearers, or just need something nice for Sundays, this is definitely your shop!








1) How did Bebecha come about?


I’ve loved doing crafts since I was a wee one, but I also attempted selling rocks to my neighbors when I was 3…from their own yard. So- I spun the handmade goods with the “business” love into Bebecha.






2) How do you balance being a mom as well as running your own company?


Kids’ bedtime is create time for me…and since my husband is in dental school, I didn’t feel like I was neglecting him while he hit the books. Since my 5 year old doesn’t take naps anymore, she is my right hand lady as she helps me package up the orders.








3) Where did your name come from?


My husband actually came up with it. He spoke French on his LDS mission to West Africa, so that’s where “bebe” comes from, and then he grew up in Holland, so the end of the word is a derivative of “little” in Dutch. So in short, it means “little baby” and he used to call me that when we were first married :)






4) Whats your favorite thing about being a mom?


My absolute favorite part of being a mom is watching siblings connect. Nothing can melt my heart like watching my son & daughter play off in their own little world, creating their own games and activities.






5) Mom products you can’t do without:


Can I count Netflix? I go through so many TV series it’s slightly embarrassing while I’m sewing along next to my computer :) It’s a saving grace with kids when they are super tired but won’t nap! We also got a trampoline off of craigslist a couple years ago…Best. Buy. Ever. My kids absolutely love that thing and it is sure to tire them out. Kinda weird mom products that came to mind, but the only other thing I could think of is SNACKS (yes…I’m pregnant haha)




Blogs You Should Know: Rolled Up Pretty

Savannah from Rolled Up Pretty is the complete package! Her lifestyle blog has a little bit of everything and is a great place to “hang out” when your in need of a pick me up!  Hop on over to her blog after you read through this feature and give her some love!



Blog Header for stupid head7-01



I’m a mommy to a delicious little one year old man who loves to the outdoors and going out to dinner. My blog, Rolled Up Pretty, is a lifestyle blog with lots of decor, DIY, and fashion posts thrown in. I love to write and take picture so blogging was pretty much inevitable…






1- Where did the name of your blog come from?


I was laying in bed one night with double ear aches and the name hit me like a thief in the night. I don’t really know why I thought of it, and I don’t really know if I love it anymore. But so life goes.






2- What is your most favorite thing about blogging?


I love writing and documenting pieces of our life to always be able to look back on.






3- If you could hang out with one blogger, who would it be and why?


Naomi from She seems just as into food and her babies as me…






4- What is your advice to someone that’s wanting to start a blog?


Just focus on the content of your blog, be yourself, be different, and don’t compare your blog to anyone else’s.






5- What are your “Can’t Live Without” items?


Tweezers, chapstick, gum, and B&B cream.

Mom’s You Should Know: Casey Wiegand


Casey Wiegand is a Mom that you guys need to get to know! Her blog is full of inspiring and “real” moments where she lets her readers into the depths of her heart. Casey has been featured all over including the Today Show, a guest editor on Brickyard Buffalo, and dozens of appearances in magazines and fashion articles! Plus she has three adorable children and a very talented film making husband, Chris. Hope you all enjoy learning a little bit more about Casey Leigh!


Casey Wiegand is married to her best friend, Christopher, and mom to a 4-year-old boy, Aiden, a 2-year-old girl, Ainsleigh and baby, Apple. She blogs over at CaseyLeigh where you can expect pieces of her perspective on life, faith, kids, loss, marriage, with touches of art, creative inspiration, projects and things she loves along the way. Writing is a true passion of hers and being able to share her life and thoughts through this space has been an amazing journey so far.






1- Why do you blog? 


I want my blog to be a blog/ a place of inspiration, uplift, joy…but also truth. Because life is hard.  A lot of us have been through some seriously icky stuff.  And so I want my blog to be “real”.
It’s easy to take beautiful family photos and pretend to have it all together-but  who does that help?
Use your voice. No apologies. We are all different and have been through different things, believe different things…. but whoever you are there is SOMEONE you can touch with your story.
Don’t hold onto it.






2. What are your most favorite things to blog about?


My favorite things to blog about are my faith and my family. These are two things that consume my heart and mind and so they are the easiest for me to share my heart on!






3. How do you balance being a mom and working?


I don’t spend time on the computer until my kiddos are all asleep, which means working at night! (Sometimes well past midnight).
They have my focus all day and then the evenings I turn on my candles, music and start editing photos, returning emails, writing and more.








4. If you could give advice to a room full of women, what would it be?


I would say for us all to be more confident in ourselves (talking to myself included). I think we live in such a time right now of comparison and it starts to allow such doubts in our own hearts…we need to erase those!






5. If you and your family could live anywhere, where would it be?


We would be doing exactly what we are doing now but living on a beach!






7. What are some mom products that you can’t live without?




Ohh! Tangled Tantrum, Kiehls Lip Balm and a good diaper bag!


Shops You Should Know: P.S. I Adore You




P.S. I Adore You was born out of love for kids battling cancer.  Chelsea’s daughter, Cami, was diagnosed with leukemia when she was just 4 years old.  She went through chemotherapy treatments for 2 1/2 years, it was a long and very difficult road, but we are so fortunate to say that Cami is now 7 years old, she’s been off treatment for almost a year and is doing well!


Unfortunately, there are many families who don’t have the same outcome as Cami and we just had to do something to help them!  Childhood cancer is vastly underfunded and it is a subject that people don’t know much about because kids can’t write their own stories, blog about their experiences or document their journey. It is up to us to tell their stories, to raise awareness and ultimately help find a cure for these kids!


This is why PS I Adore You was born!  We wanted something fun and different that people would want to come back to on a daily basis that we could use to share these kids stories.  Each month we choose a family who has a child going through treatment and could use a little sunshine, we tell their child’s story and accept donations for that family.  We also donate all the samples from that month to our featured family, so they get a very fun package along with their check at the end of the month!  PS I Adore You donates to CureSearch for childhood cancer research and we feature deals called ‘Cure the KIDS’ where we give 100% of our commission to Childhood cancer research. We are so excited to present our large check to them in October!


We know that there are a lot of deal sites out there to choose from, but we hope people see that we have a way bigger picture!  We want to bring fresh, fun new products, but more importantly we strive to help out in the world.  We love these kids with all our hearts and we know that the love for them is spreading to our shoppers and nothing makes us happier!






Tell us a little bit about yourselves! 


This is Ashley. Ashley takes care of our vendors once their deal has ended, she pays our vendors and helps them settle our their deal.




Ashley is our style guru. Ashley loves shopping for her two girls who are 5 and 2. These girls are just like their mommy and always look styled to the max.  Ashley loves to dance and was a Utah Jazz dancer for 4 years. Through the Utah Jazz she would do various appearances. Her all time favorite was visiting the little patients at Primary Children’s Hospital. Those kids smiles left a lasting imprint on her heart and from that moment on she knew she wanted to give back in her life. Ashley loves dancing, but she especially loves watching her little girls bust a move and share her same passion for dance.  Her family is her number one priority, she’d do anything for them. Ashley can’t function without her morning coffee, and loves a good salad from her hubby’s restaurant, Plates and Palates.  


This is Chelsea. finds our featured cancer cutie for each month, marketing and social media. Chelsea finds our featured cancer cutie for each month and heads up our marketing and social media.




Chelsea can’t resist a good book and a hot bubble bath, she loves almost any baked good, and her and her hubby are movie addicts.  Chelsea is also a mom of 7 year old Cami and 4 year old Caden, her kids are her world. Chelsea learned the hard way that life can change in an instant.  Her daughter, Cami was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on July 10, 2010 and after over 2 years of continuous chemotherapy Cami is now CANCER FREE!  Little Caden was only one when his sister was diagnosed and he was such a little trooper for those 2 years.  Cami got loads of gift, attention and time with her parents, but little Caden was just worried about his sister, never about himself. Now that Cami is off treatment, Chelsea’s family loves to take their yearly trips to DisneyLand, long walks with their golden retriever Baylee, and they never miss the latest Pixar movie (with a large popcorn of course).



This is Whitney. Whitney is the Vendor Coordinator for PS I Adore You and is in charge of booking vendors and getting their products into our system.


Whitney (1)


Whitney is a pro at throwing an amazing party, she styles her kids birthday parties and doesn’t miss a detail. She loves all the darling paper goods and stocks up every time she finds a good deal. Her go-to clothing stores are J Crew, Nordstrom and Anthropologie. Whitney loves to shop and she’s excited about finding you the best deals possible on handpicked accessories, home decor and party goods. Her and her husband also love to travel and visit new exotic locations. She loves Italian food and can’t resist a good goat cheese!! Whitney and her husband adopted their two beautiful children. Her darling daughter is 4 and her handsome little man is 2.  Whitney spent a few months volunteering at Orphanages in Ecuador and through that experience she gained a passion for giving back. Through her adoption process she learned to never take a moment with her kids for granted.




Where did your name come from? 


We thought and thought about names, but since it all comes down to these kids, we named it for them… because although we are a deal site, our ultimate goal is to slowly give our shoppers small doses of childhood cancer, until it becomes something they are aware of and passionate about.  So.. ‘PS I Adore You’ is basically our message to these kids.






Where do you see your store in 5 years? 




Ps Has opened the door for so many families to tell their stories of how Childhood cancer has effected them. We want to be able to bring some smiles to these families that are going through so much. We hope to bring amazing deals to customers and have each deal remind them of how precious life really is and to cherish what you have.  I have never felt so much joy in helping raise money for these amazing families that have gone through so much!





It is my dream to have PS I Adore You helping thousands of kids who are battling cancer and making a HUGE difference in the cancer community. In 5 years I see PS having a non-profit organization making huge strides in funding cancer research.





I hope that we have spread the word about childhood cancer to hundreds of thousands.  My hope is that when someone buys a cute product on our site, they remember those kids and what they are going through.  I hope when they look at that necklace from our site, it can be a reminder to hug their kids a little tighter, or read just one more bedtime story, or to put the phone down and just be with the ones they love, to forgive, to let go and to live life to the fullest each and every day!



What are some products that you just can’t live without?! 






Baby wipes are with me at all times! Having a 5 & 2 year old there is bound to be a mess at any given moment. :)



Essential oils! They are a must with young kids.


I can’t live without a good head wrap.. As a mom, I have too many of those days where I just pull my hair up and throw a wrap on.. can’t live without them (and we sell them all the time because we all LOVE them)!


(All photos taken by Jen Herem Photography)